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I got codes p0135 p1120 and p0122 p1132 when i had a friend hook up his obd2 reader to my Ford focus2001 because it started revving really high then we changed trany fluid and checked filter and i think it made it worse so then we changed throttle positioning sensor and no change at all would these sensors cause it to run like that and would hooking up the obd2 reader tell me if something was going bad in the transmission can you help please

Vehicle: Ford focus 2001
asked by

1 Answer

HI there

The codes for the TPS could cause the funny shifting. However if you installed a new one and are still getting the codes for the TPS, something is either wrong with the adjustment or the wiring harness for the TPS. There might be codes stored in the transmission control module that the code reader can't access.

P1120 FORD - Throttle Position Sensor Out of Range

Read more: https://kvjournal.ru/p1120_ford.html

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