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Replaced the coil pack, cam shafts sensor, crank shaft sensor, and still can't get the engine to turn over. Car has no engine codes or faults.
Vehicle: 2000 Hyundai Elantra 2.0
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For a no start condition, it does not have to set a code. What the CK ENG LT is for is to protect the catalytic convertor, and the catalytic convertor protects the environment. The basic inspection for a no start condition has to be done, Fuel, Ignition, Air. Fuel there has to be fuel being delivered into the system by means of the fuel injector. You can spray carburetor cleaner into the intake crank the engine if there is a start, you have a fuel problem . Ignition. there has to be spark at the sparkplug check for spark, and Air, this would be mechanical. is the timing belt intack not broken that has to be looked into there has to be engine compression
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