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Vehicle: 2010 ford f-150
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2 Answers

C109E Vacuum sensor circuit fault

C109D Low vacuum condition.

Your best solution is to find 109d the low vacuum concern, the 109E is vacuum loss at the brake booster, this comes on due to low vacuum, Which is needed for ABS operation.Check your vacuum hoses for vacuum loss you also have vacuum port so you need to inspect that for vacuum loss also you need to check the brake booster including the brake booster check valve, you need a vacuum gauge to carryout the test, should read 15-22 In-Hg
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C109D FORD - Low Vacuum Condition Detected
Read more: https://kvjournal.ru/c109d_ford.html

C109E FORD - Vacuum Sensor Circuit Fault
Read more: https://kvjournal.ru/c109e_ford.html

C109F FORD - Vacuum Sensor Signal Fault
Read more: https://kvjournal.ru/c109f_ford.html
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