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P0446 TOYOTA - 2001 4-runner sr5 3.4 L v6

My check engine light, Evap lights keep coming on, I\\\\'m able to use my scan tool and all I\\\\'m getting is this P0446 code, I\\\\'m not having any leaks, I\\\\'m not smelling any gas, the engine is running ok with no problems, mileage & everything is fine, I\\\\'m trying to figure out if this is the actual canister & if it needs to be replaced, or if it\\\\'s a connection, wiring or what???.
My dad is a mechanic & I\\\\'ve learned a lot but I don\\\\'t have to tools, strength or garage that I need to figure out/test myself.

I\\\\'m wondering if there is a free diagnosis test that can be done anywhere as I\\\\'m a single parent of 3 and don\\\\'t have any help or funds at the moment to pay the fees I\\\\'ve been getting quoted just for the dealership to look at it.

I\\\\'m honestly thinking its a wiring issue or connection because engine wise it purrs like a kitten & I\\\\'ve maintained, done & keep up on all tune ups & regular up keep...

I have a 2001 Toyota 4-runner SR5 V6 3.4 liter 2WD with traction control mileage is 91,000 original, never been in an accident or had any problems I\\\\'ve owned it for 4 years...

Thank you so much,
Olivia De Tienne


Vehicle: 2001 Toyota 4-runner SR5 2WD V6 3.4 L
asked Apr 23, 2012 by anonymous

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