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C1170 MERCEDES-BENZ - Steering Angle Sensor Zero Point Variation

Repair Importance Level: 3/3
Repair Difficulty Level: 3/3 What does this mean?

Tech notes

1. Determine whether ESP MK25 system is installed in vehicle. You can recognize externally whether the new ESP MK25 system or the old ESP MK20 system is installed by proceeding as follows:
In individual cases it is possible for the ETC control module with part number 030 545 23 32 (EGS 52 Q01 or SW 14/01) to send erroneous data on the CAN-C bus after switching on the ignition
- One pressure sensor on master brake cylinder: ESP MK25 (new)
- Two pressure sensors on master brake cylinder: ESP MK20 (old)
A further recognition characteristic on the MK25 system is the new combined yaw rate/lateral acceleration sensor. The electronic stability program (ESP) receives this data and then erroneously assumes that the steering angle sensor signal came from the steering tube module rather than the combined yaw rate/lateral acceleration sensor However, since the steering tube module is not currently installed in model 203, the ESP control module does not receive any data and stores the DTC specified in the document. Conversion from MK20 to MK25 was accomplished on approx. 08/2001, however, some preliminary vehicles were produced It is therefore important to differentiate on the basis of the number of pressure sensors present on the master brake cylinder.

2. Remove/install/replace ETC control module
What does this mean?
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